Company profile

Company Profile

  1. Basic Information

A company MORAVSKÉ MONTÁŽE Ltd. was established in 1995. Its subject of enterprise is production and assembly of steel structure; repair, maintenance and service of metal structure and technological equipment; and implementaion of industrial and highway contructions.

  1. Scope of Business

The company MORAVSKÉ MONTÁŽE Ltd. is formed by highly qualified staff having many years of experience in steel structure production and assembly gained not only during company existence, but also gained before its establishment.

  • Industrial Halls steel structure
  • Technological steel structure
  • Civil – Administrative steel structure
  • Pipe and Cable Bridges steel structure
  • Road and Railway Bridges steel structure (since 2009)
  • Concrete Plants steel structure
  • Towers steel structure
  • Steel structure surface treatment

We also fulfill orders for roofing and wall cladding panels including door filler, windows and doors according to the investors specific requirements.

Company management also ensures complete business, technical and economic activity to  implemented projects.

The company MORAVSKÉ MONTÁŽE Ltd. implements projects on territory of the Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Germany, France, England and others.

Company´s  main goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction based on high-quality work, timely completion deadlines and reasonable prices.

  1. Capacity Options

The company MORAVSKÉ MONTÁŽE Ltd. .r.o. is able to produce using its own capacities about 2,500 tons of steel structure and assemble about 3,000 tons of steel structure in a year.

According to the staffing and capacity of steel structure production and installation  MORAVSKÉ MONTÁŽE Ltd. belongs to the category of medium-sized businesses.